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We give managers the ability to keep track of every system on the premises. An efficient workspace incorporates entrance access and office tenancy, as well as daylight control, temperature, energy management, and even seasonal differences. Improve restaurant and bar service efficiency using the same system.


Offices in Ghent, Belgium



Create a reliable and productive building by optimizing light, temperature and security at the lowest possible cost.



These offices are located in an existing factory building. Upon purchase in 2002, the management decided to completely refurbish the edifice. The cachet of the old building has been combined with the high tech TELETASK domotics. The end result is open and pleasant workspaces, a grand show room, comfortable training and seminar rooms and an extremely low energy consumption. Most functions are to be managed on-site by none-technical management assistants but also by the management via mobile devices from outdoor.

The offices proffer perfect working conditions by integrating light-, air conditioning- and access control.  Motorised screens in offices, R&D department and in the factory areas are managed by the intelligence of the system, as there are also motorised windows in the show room and training center. The high level of integration is at everyone’s disposal. Most of the rooms are equipped with touch panels and every employee has his/her own GUI on his/her PC. The management has total control over the building. The management assistant has full overview and video- door control and all accesses and gates on a larger MAIOR touch screen. Mobile phones are DECT and the VoIP video door phone system is integrated with them via a hybrid PBX.


Special Features

  • Individual Access control:  Access to the building is controlled with proximity readers from TELETASK. The security system is integrated with the domotics system thus allowing a high security level. Only a customised proximity card in combination with the burglar- and fir alarm system will allow the designated persons grant access to the building at limited times and days of the week. Employees can only enter when at least one management person is present. The management (and central alarm desk service provider) get an SMS message immediately when there is an alarm situation.
  • A special ‘Visitors’ button: This button activates the showroom: meeting rooms and equipment is adapted to this mode. No energy is spoiled when nobody is in the visitor areas. The CCTV system is integrated with the TELETASK system and alerts when motion is detected. The TDS system can activate lights based on specific camera information.
  • Reducing fire hazard and energy consumption: All major electric devices are automatically switched off, when the last person leaves the building. Fire risk is minimised to the lowest level while energy consumption at close to zero. The office desks, warehouse, hall ways and staircase areas are equipped with presence sensors which control the DALI lighting system.
  • Company Bar: The company bar and wash rooms are equipped with integrated music, which is controlled by presence detectors.


Used TELETASK Components

  • Three central units manage the whole building. They are integrated with each other over the LAN network and behave as one system.

  • In the three distribution boards you can see every TELETASK technical interface who manage all indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Most of the areas are heated by a combination of hot water radiators (central gas system with two low energy condensation gas heaters) and a range of VRV/VRF heat-pump systems placed on the roof (two different brands are integrated). The TDS15200 Daikin integration license is used for the integration with one Daikin iTouch IP interface. The SAMSUNG VRF ceiling units are controled by IR-COOKIE interfaces, while fan coil units in the production are are combined with DAIKIN RVR systems, connected over IP with the TELETAK system.

  • The Honeywell.Galaxy burglar and fire alarm system is integrated with the TELETASK-Galaxy interface for safe and comfortable entry/exit.

  • A range of AURUS touch panels (mainly AURUS-OLED and TFT) are installed for general purpose ligth control in combination with a range of motion and presence sensors.

  • Access control and elevator control with the TELETASK Proximity readers which are used indoor and outdoor throughout the building.

  • Local control is also available on Smart phones for most of the employees. Management and the technical support team has access on iSGUI also from remote site via the TELETASK Cloud connection.

Project references

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