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TELETASK solutions for hotels

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TELETASK solutions offer new management features for small- to midsize hotels and B&Bs at an affordable price.  Many hotel services and facilities can be controlled and supported by the TELETASK integrated  system, to improve service levels and guest satisfaction while lowering the cost of service. 
Guests want fast and reliable services, but they also want privacy.  Hotel managers must keep costs under control by improving efficiency and reducing the complexity of services.  TELETASK supports these needs in many ways.  In addition to the control of lights, air conditioning, etc... in the guest rooms, the TELETASK system integrates all rooms with the other hotel services into a common management infrastructure. This provides enhanced operational overviews and hence easier and more efficient management. 
The TELETASK domotics system is flexible and can be fully customised to your requirements.  Below are some ideas for using the system to lower costs while improving services.


Staff can rapidly send short messages such as “please contact reception”, “your taxi has arrived” …to one room, or simultaneously to many rooms, saving time and efforts. Check-in/out, for the receptionist means just clicking one button on his dedicated system keyboard.

Such functional possibilities are within the standard TELETASK system and can be integrated with a dedicated check-in/check-out system.

Room service and housekeeping

Service requests from guests can be received directly by the housekeeping staff on a standard Windows PC or even on a smart phone or tablet (Android and iPhone) while they are servicing other rooms – thus saving time and energy.  The system automatically cancels the service request when fulfilled, providing staff performance information to managers and accurate room status information to the reception desk.

With these applications, facilities and service managers can have a full overview of current guest demands and staff activities to help resource planning and service optimisation. 

Safety and security

A range of additional features are possible.   For example, connecting the (smoke or other-) alarm systems allows relevant lights to be automatically activated in case of an emergency.  Similarly, TELETASK water and air quality sensors can automatically initiate safety and support actions (e.g. turn off water supply valves if an overflow occurs, activate fans if air quality lowers and at the same time alert facilities managers and security staff of the situation).  There is also the possibility for the system to automatically raise an alarm if a guest’s “do not disturb” signal is left ON for an excessive time.  In such case, the hotel staff can check if the guest is o.k. or needs help. TELETASK electronic access control functions can improve security for guests as well as for hotel offices and any public and private room or area.

The standard TELETASK software has a proven track record since 1984. The system is also provided with an open communication platform for custom software and integration with third party software.

Energy management

TELETASK systems offer a specific contribution to reducing energy costs. Guest room controls can be linked to a key card switch so that all lights and wall sockets are turned OFF and heating/cooling is reduced when a room is vacated.  Also blinds, curtains or “smart-glass” can be operated automatically to reduce solar gain (automatic over-heat protection) or heat loss.  Similar features can be applied in the public areas of the hotel.

Guest room touch panel

An AURUS-OLED in every hotel room allows the guest to control its environment easily and intuitively.  The following functions are usually connected:  Lights (any kind, switched or dimmed), motorised blinds/curtains/shades, windows, fans, air-conditioning (heat pumps, fan coil units, floor heating and/or cooling...), audio systems, etc.  The AURUS-OLED can also be used as an alarm clock with easy-to-set wake-up times and a wake-up beeper, bedside lights ON …  Since the display uses icons as well as text for the controlled functions, the AURUS-OLED is virtually language independent thus making controls easy for foreign guests and lowering service calls.

Electrical installation 

A single TELETASK programmable control unit can manage up to 50 rooms. Or a higher number of single controllers can be setup as a full de-centralised system where every room has its own independent intelligence. They can be integrated over the local network (LAN) and connected to the TELETASK management system ‘CONTROL TOWER’ or with the hotel BMS. It provides enhanced functionality, interoperability and efficiency.  Functional integration using the TELETASK high speed data bus also means that cabling throughout the building is much simpler than for conventional installations. This can lead to significantly lower installation and maintenance costs.

Fast technical support

The software provided with the TELETASK systems is easy to learn and most programming changes, if required, could be performed by hotel staff.  The software also includes a full diagnostics module that assists in rapidly tracing the cause and location of technical malfunctions in the installation.  TELETASK products are known world-wide for high reliability (MTBF > 20 years), however should a component become damaged, the simplicity and modularity of the system usually permits hotel maintenance staff to fit a replacement in a few minutes only.  The TELETASK DoIP concept (Domotics over IP), permits remote monitoring, control and diagnostics of an entire installation either by hotel staff (on-site or anywhere on the globe) or by the system integrator, maintenance contractor or other specialist.

TELETASK has more than 33 years of experience in home- and building automation and is worldwide active in more than 40 countries. Our distributors are certified system specialists who guarantee the highest reliability and they work together with a network of local system integrators all over the world.
Professional training and examination programs are available.


House of Porters


Achieve the highest level of luxury and comfort in an atmosphere of stylish abundance


Master decorator Pieter Porter is renowned for his sumptuous, full, anglo-french baroc style. The House of Porters is an Antwerp mansion with a show room, a flower workshop, a lounge and four beautiful hotel suites. Every suite is designed so as to submerge the guests in an ambiance of complete indulgence whilst making them feel completely at home.

Each of the suites has its own style: French, English, Oriental... Every suite has its TELETASK solutions which controls lights, room temperature and the in-suite gas fire places. A push on the touch panel will call room service to take the guests’ orders. In the recently restyled suites you will find the AURUS touch panels. From their bed, guests can control the entire suite. A SERVUS central touch screen at the reception desk controls the entire building (including the show room). It has access control and also the security cameras are integrated.

Special Features

  • Local mood “Arrival”: While the guests are checking in, the suite’s temperature is already brought to comfort level.

  • Local mood “Romance”: One push on the designated button and lights in the chandelier are dimmed, the fire place starts burning and the curtains are closed.


Project references

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