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Luxury homes

In this luxury estate, intuitive touch panels are extremely user-friendly and are designed for ease of use. For instance, do you get up in the dark? Let our motion sensors guide you safely on your way by activating the lights smoothly at low intensity. All necessary comfort at your fingertips.


Luxury Homes, Belgium


Comfortable, safe and energy friendly living



These private homes both boast an impressive TELETASK installation. Besides light, temperature and access control, one will find home theater, motorised curtains and sun shades, outdoor swimming pool, video door phone integration, etc.

Upon entering the living room the exclusive minimalist design immediately captures the eye. The TELETASK user interfaces blend perfectly into the interior –being both strategically and discretely positioned.  In this family house the added value of home automation lays mainly in the high level of comfort and exclusive design. In most rooms touch panels offer control off light, temperature and motorised curtains. The central touch screen in the kitchen also controls the sprinklers in the garden, the sun blinds above the patio and the RGB LED- lights in the adjacent living room. There is multi room audio, with additional outdoor speakers in the garden. A few basic local moods change the mood of the living room in just a matter of seconds. The integration with the video door phone system increases also the security level.


Special Features

  • Access control: The video door phone system is integrated into the TELETASK system (on screen cameras).
  • RGB light: Several colour scenes are configured as local moods. The living room ceiling changes colour accordingly.
  • Home entertainment: The family’s home theater set is integrated into the system. A simple push on the ‘watch TV’ button closes the curtain, dims the lights and starts the projection.
  • ‘Away’ mood: All major electric devices are automatically switched off, when the last person leaves the house. Thus reducing fire hazard risks and energy consumption while increasing simplicity of control for the inhabitants and the employees. Equipment who needs energy after leeving, like washing machine, dish washer, thumble dryer... stay powered for some more hours to get disconnected from the mains as well when finished doing their job.

Project references

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