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Building successful commercial premises comes down to creating the proper integrated building management at the best price. Using LED lighting is a good start. Then add the ability to control every other aspect of the work environment on-site and from any place in the world. TELETASK redefines 'flexibility’ and ‘total cost-of-services’.



A showroom and office environment has many electrical functionalities which can be integrated with each other. It is an everyday task at opening and closing times, to control a large number of systems. In a traditional installation switches are used to control lights, wall sockets, doors and gates, air conditioning, music distribution systems, motorized sun blinds, shields and shutters, etc. These tasks not only take time for the evolved employees, but are also often complex and have influence on the security and energy management of the offices, show room, shop area and the building in general. By integrating most of these functions, risks and disadvantages are limited to a minimum while the building management can be done by about anyone who is dedicated to this job. 


Using the TELETASK domotics system in showrooms with or without office and service area’s has many advantages.

When accessing the building:

  • Limited access is given with proximity access control cards/tags. No traditional keys used. No copies possible.

  • Limited access based on user level and cloud managed settings.

  • Limited access based on day / time of the day

  • First higher level employee needs to be present before lower level access is possible

  • When accessing automatic opening of door/gate, activating lights if dark, activating wall sockets (PC, copier, coffee machines, water supply and other systems and equipment)

  • Automatic registration of employee access time

  • Room temperature control can be remotely managed from central site if necessary. Local employees have no (or limited) access to energy related settings.

  • A range of shops/offices/buildings can be connected to the TELETAK CONTROL TOWER management systems to make it a network of smart shops/offices.
    Technical alarm management and other services are included. Energy monitoring of smart meters is available from remote site.


At opening time:

  • Only when the necessary employee level (sales person) is present, the showroom lights and heating/cooling are activated at or before opening time

  • If no sales person/service manager has arrived at opening time, an alarm is generated local and/or by SMS and/or E-mail to general manager or central management
  • Employees are informed trough acoustic alarm that showroom will open in for example 5 minutes.
  • Security shutters are opened

  • Showroom- and other doors e.g. service access desk are unlocked
  • Background music and demonstration videos are activated

During opening time:

  • Touch panels are available for manual control of all connected lights and other systems
  • Receptionist can have central control on his/her PC of the whole building, including on-screen camera’s
  • By using moods on touch panels or on remote control, specific areas can be accentuated/ illuminated by the people in the showroom or from remote site

At closing time:

  • The access to the showroom and other areas at closing time is blocked for visitors
  • Unnecessary lighting is dimmed (at once or slowly group by group)

  • All lights dimmed, heating/cooling lowered after some time. Music is stopped and systems like coffee machines and other wall sockets are disconnected

When leaving the building:

  • All necessary equipment is powered down, power is disconnected
  • By activating the alarm system all integrated units and systems can be set/reset etc.

After closing time:

  • Service teams are given access via main gate with special proximity card/key-tag and smart phone. When accessing all access is registered
  • Lights can be switched/dimmed/animated (presence simulaton and security)



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