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The TELETASK story: from a spark in 1976 to 40 years of achievements

From the very beginning, TELETASK has harbored a passion for home automation—a passion that we lovingly infuse into our projects. You can now access the most recent edition of the TELETASK References book for November 2023 by downloading it here.

TELETASK's Visionary Beginnings

TELETASK's founder, Johan Vander Beken, conceived the idea of integrating residential equipment and systems as far back as 1976, driven by a visionary dream. His initial foray into this realm occurred during his studies as an electronics engineer, where he conducted a pioneering experiment in a small, upscale decoration shop in his hometown of Ghent, Belgium. The successful realization of this experiment ignited the spark of creativity within him, making him the first visionare to conceive the notion of full home integration and control of all residential systems.

Fast forward eight years to July 1984, when the unwavering aspiration to innovate reached its pinnacle with the solo founding of TELETASK. From that point on, the company's trajectory became history in the making. The fruits of TELETASK's innovative endeavors are partly showcased in this newly compiled References book, reflecting a remarkable journey of some typical company accomplishments. To put it simply, the realized projects stand as a testament to the impressive impact of TELETASK's vision and expertise in the realm of residential integration and control.

A Solo Venture into Innovation

The November 2023 edition introduces a range of new projects, notably featuring:

  • Three expansive tower projects in India,
  • A steadily expanding project encompassing over 400 flats in Belgium,
  • And, diverging into a distinct realm, an insight into a recently inaugurated jewelry shop on the Island of Malta.

The distinctive touch of Italian design and the expertise of System Integrator M. Miguel Attard played a pivotal role in setting the Malta project apart.

Those projects serve as a testament to the unwavering confidence in TELETASK shared by the individuals within the TELETASK team, its subsidiaries, distributors, and a global network comprising numerous accomplished architects, interior decoration designers, consultants, and, notably, specialized TELETASK System Integrators. Serving as our dedicated ambassadors, these professionals play a pivotal role in translating the end-user's vision into a tailored TELETASK solution. The brand's elevation to a global player in high-end and fully integrated home and building automation projects is a direct result of the collective efforts of these seasoned specialists. Moreover, they form the backbone of TELETASK's exceptional after-sales service, further solidifying the company's reputation for excellence.

We are proud to be part of it!

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