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TELETASK offers solutions for homes, offices, schools, hotels etc. to make them smart. Offer your client a system that is reliable, upgradeable, easy to support, simple to configure and manage from remote site.

TELETASK takes care of you. We offer a full training and certification system and a local professional support in your language.



What we can offer you


  • Easy to configure with our own software package PROSOFT, download it for free and you are good to go
  • Training by certified distributors, learn how to install and configure the system in only a few days
  • Go through our examination after the training and become a certified installer
  • Learn how to support your clients and receive the best support from our after-sales specialists
  • Adjust the configuration to your clients needs any time they ask for it without any trouble


TELETASK topology


A modern residential electrical installation is no longer limited to light circuits and wall sockets but comprises many other technologies and systems. Traditionally these technologies can be installed separately and work independently from each other. Every system has its own user interface (control buttons) with different design and different operating logic.

The user becomes gradually confused because of the jungle of switches and buttons which grows continuously. Moreover, in a world where ecological and economical use of resources and energy is becoming increasingly important, it is essential to align these technologies. TELETASK integration offers you the solution. Through the TELETASK Cloud, the user maintains complete control of his house, even from a distance and in a simple and safe manner.

The TELETASK system uses a proprietary bus system. It is not wireless to make sure that the connection is stable and always on. 


TELETASK Solutions



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Curtains and blinds

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Audio and video

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Access control

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Presence simulation

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Remote control

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Temperature control

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Power sockets

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