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Jewellery shop controls lights, HVAC, shades, CCTV and access with one integrated system


When Heir & Loom, a Jewellery & Luxury Boutique in Malta, moved to a new location, the interior was first given a thorough renovation. As a result, the shop owner can now welcome the customers in extra comfort and style. The shop’s team is delighted with the user-friendly home automation system, which provides a fully integrated solution for managing lighting, air conditioning, blinds, access control and camera security.

Heir & Loom's new location used to be a two-storey cafeteria. A complete reconstruction was needed to turn it into an exclusive jewellery shop. The shop owner also wanted to go for a best-in-class home automation system and turned to Miguel from the experts at Domotica Systems Malta for an integrated solution. They recommended TELETASK technology.

Mr. Miguel Attard, Director of Domotica Systems Malta, stated that when the client expressed their desire to create a luxury jewelry shop, TELETASK was immediately thought of as the brand to consider. Given the requested products and functionalities, as well as the search for a prestigious aesthetic, it was clear that the TELETASK solution was the obvious choice.

Heir & Loom represents diamonds and beautiful jewels, along with watches. For connoisseurs, there is always a selection of second-hand collector's watches from renowned brands such as Omega, Rolex, AP, Patek Philippe...

Mmm..., shopping in Malta? It has many aspects. Don’t you think so?

Gold-coloured control panels

Domotica Systems ensured the installation in a way that shop employees can now control all home automation functions through a single interface. For this purpose, five wall-mounted AURUS Touch Panels were installed at five different locations in the shop and offices. The glossy gold-coloured version of the solid glass front plate was chosen by the Italian interior designer, who perfectly matched all the elements in the shop design.

In addition to the wall-mounted touch panels, Heir & Loom also uses a 7” OPUS Touch Screen on a table holder in the reception area.. The stylish black TDS12075 Opus table holder is made from solid aluminium.


“Both systems can be used to manage the same features, but the OPUS Touch Screen is only used by two employees and shows more detailed functionalities, whereas the Aurus Touch Panels are used by all 15 to 20 employees. They are slimmed-down control panels with subtle touch buttons for each function: very straightforward to use, for fast controllability”, Miguel Attard explains. “The same functions can be controlled with the dedicated ATMOS app from Teletask.”

Centralised access control system

Access control and security are obviously paramount for a jewellery shop. That's why the shop owner decided to streamline access control with electronic locks operated by TELETASK Proximity readers. Instead of having to hand out a bunch of keys to employees, as was the case in the old shop, everyone now gets a key card with different permissions based on their user profile. Every time someone uses a card to open or close a door, it is logged in the system. If a card or key is lost, it can easily be removed from the system's list.

Check the camera feed in the app

To add to the level of control, the CCTV surveillance system was also integrated into Teletask home automation. Miguel Attard: "In the Teletask interface, users can scroll to any surveillance camera to view the live feed. This means they can easily view any area of the shop, wherever they are - including on their smartphones."

Integrated shading and HVAC control

Moreover, the shop's awnings and blinds can also be controlled from the touch panels or the app. Users can programme the hours when they should open and close, or they can do it from the app whenever they want, from within the secured areas on the different floors, without having to go outside.

"We have also integrated the Samsung air conditioning system with TELETASK," says Miguel Attard. "This again increased efficiency and ease of use. Besides, it meant we didn't have to install Samsung's separate wall panels for the HVAC system, which would have looked less attractive in this exclusive interior."

Create lighting scenes

Even the operation of the lights is next-level with TELETASK: not only do they offer on/off and dimming options, but there are also programmable lighting scenes for different times of the day. "Our customer was very happy with these features. We pre-configured a number of lighting scenes tailored to the shop's needs and requirements. Beautiful lighting in the right places can really highlight the products they sell."

Happy users

Domotica Systems looks back on the project with great pleasure. "The TELETASK system was very easy to set up," recalls Miguel Attard. "Everything went smoothly, thanks in part to our preliminary design and TELETASK's support. A week after the go-live, the employees were completely at ease with the new system. After a brief explanation, they quickly got the hang of it because it is so convenient and easy to use. It is definitely a good, reliable and stylish-looking choice for a high-end shop."

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