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OPUS 7” color touch screen with VoIP video door phone

The OPUS 7" color touch screen has everything you can imagine. And it's available as from today.

Every modern house or apartment has many things to control. A central touch screen with video door phone and camera capabilities is very useful. Also lighting, curtains, shades, wall sockets for uplighters, room temperature and cameras need to be integrated. One screen, one user interface, one simple ethernet wire. OPUS has it all.

The OPUS touch screen is a very flat wall mounted screen which can be installed in about all  environments and places. Be it you central control screen or be it mainly your indoor video door phone station. Or would you like to monitor your security or access control cameras ? Don’t worry, OPUS has it all. And because this is a lot, TELETASK developed a brand new user interface with hundreds of possible buttons for all controls you may like.
It can be useful in the entrance hall, frequently used rooms, bedrooms or even in your office/home office. Therefore, there is also a desktop holder which will become available early 2020 (expected February).

The simple PoE connection only needs a small Ethernet cable. The desktop holder will be supplied with a tiny high strength Ethernet cable. It makes OPUS discrete and flexible for non-in-wall applications. Perfect to turn it in front of you on your desk, kitchen working top or on the side table in your bedroom. You have full control.
When you are not in the neighbourhood of OPUS, he will dim down his screen to black to avoid energy consumption, increase life time and not to disturb you. But if you come closer or you wave, OPUS immediately wakes up in a fraction of a second and is ready for you to use its features.
You can use OPUS in two different ways. You can start from a room button and see all functions available in that room or you can start from function and see all these functions in your entire house or apartment. Making a virtual tour around the house to see if all lights are off ? A fast and easy job.

But OPUS will  also help you to keep your environment safe. In the front of the device there are LEDS to indicate that there may be an important thing you would like to know. If an alarm is active, a red LED will be on to let you know so you can check it.
E.g. the main gate is still open, or don’t forget to take your medicin or the children’s bedroom light is still on…).
If OPUS is integrated with your outdoor video door phone station(s), he becomes your indoor station. You may have OPUS devices on every floor or everywhere you like.  And when somebody rings at the gate/door while you are out, OPUS will take a 3 seconds movie of your visitor and inform you with a separate LED blinking when coming home. You’ve got visitors madam!

Auto screen generation

For the system integrator all these functions may be a nightmare to configure. That is why the TELETASK system has an auto screen generator which makes all screens and buttons fully automatic for you. And if you add new features, they will appear on your OPUS without you needing to have it configured by the system integrator. Maybe some fine tuning and menu sorting will be necessary but with TELETASK this is extremely simple.
Your system integrator can even do this from his site if you don’t want him to be stuck in traffic or disturb your privacy. OPUS is TELETASK. The service you would expect from a buttler without the buttler.

Visit our download page for the datasheet and other documentation. Contact your local dealer or system integrator for purchase.