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The Remote Services (TSF16100) subscription enables a system integrator to manage and support a TELETASK installation from anywhere on the globe. The system integrator can obtain multiple subscriptions for all TDS installations he wants to service from remote site. He can make his office a support center instead of having to travel to the installations every time when diagnose or support is needed. With a small yearly subscription fee per installation, there is no need to go on site anymore for system configuration or diagnose. ​



Many TELETASK customers like to control their house/building by voice. You can use the TELETASK voice skills in many languages as far as they are available on your smart assistant and can be entered in PROSOFT. You can use one or more smart assistants in your house/apartment when they are connected via WiFi to the LAN on which the TDS installation is connected. You only need a TELETASK DoIP central unit, an internet connection, the Voice Control subscription TSF16120 and the configuration in PROSOFT.