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Voice Control subscription

Many TELETASK customers like to control their house/building by voice. After the introduction and certification by Amazon and Google, the TELETASK skills for Amazon Echo and Google Home smart assistants came online. You can use one or more smart assistants in your house/apartment, connected via WiFi. The WiFi router(s) need(s) to be connected to the LAN on which the TDS installation is connected. You only need a TELETASK DoIP central unit, an internet connection, the Voice Control subscription TSF16120 and some configuration in PROSOFT. You can connect your smart assistant via the Amazon or Google Home app on your mobile device first. Then you can easily provide your smart assistant(s) with the TELETASK voice skills.

Some usage examples

“Alexa, activate the bathroom light’.

“Alexa, activate diner mood”.

“Hey Google, activate wake-up mood”.

“Alexa, set bathroom temperature to 21 degrees”.

“Hey Google, dim the night hall lights to 30 percent”,

“close the shades”…. You name it.

How to obtain a TSF16120 subscription

The TSF16120 subscription can be ordered by the System Integrator online in TTecomm and will be activated immediately. See more details in the Technical Handbook on how a System Integrator can obtain and activate Voice Control for one or more TDS installations. Go to , select TTecomm and login (for System Integrators only). ​


Order Reference TSF16120
Requirements For all TTcloud connected DoIP central units.
PROSOFT v3.7.3 or higher
can be obtained at
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Leaflet TSF16120
Datasheet TSF16120