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Choosing TELETASK equals choosing quality. Quality guarantees are built into all our processes and products. As a brand, we want to ensure that our customers and partners receive top-level products and services. All for a successful project!

As a pioneer in smart homes, TELETASK has around 40 years of experience in the industry. Globally, in 40 countries, we have well-trained and certified distributors and system integrators. Customer-specific needs are always their top priority.

The 6 Quality Strengths of TELETASK

1. From Design to Production

Every TELETASK product undergoes a series of quality tests, from the design phase to production. This is also the case for software development. In production, we only use high-quality components from recognized suppliers. On the assembly line, there are extensive automated tests for each individual product.

2. Reporting, Documentation, and Certification

Thanks to the automated approach, our quality processes are documented, ensuring traceability. Regular internal and external independent audits within the ISO9001 quality system are conducted to ensure necessary quality and continuity.

Each product has a detailed technical data sheet, and BIM models (3D) are available for architects. The PROSOFT configuration software is available in 15 languages, enabling system integrators and customers to manage everything in their own language.

3. Design and Ergonomics

The hallmark of TELETASK: exclusive yet discreet design of control elements and screens. We pay great attention to ergonomics, ensuring intuitive use for residents, family, visitors, both via control panels and smartphone apps. The system integrator's knowledge and experience play a crucial role in providing a user-friendly solution.

4. Sustainability

In every design, we study how to make the product even more sustainable. Our AURUS keypanels are made of 100% glass with ceramic printing, and our packaging choices prioritize recyclable or recycled materials. There is no plastic in our packaging. However, our greatest sustainable asset remains the intelligent energy management of our systems, resulting in exceptionally low energy consumption in fully integrated TELETASK homes.

5. Continuity

A TELETASK installation grows with its user. You can always adjust, expand, and upgrade the installation. Often, a software upgrade suffices to support the latest features. TELETASK is an open system that can be combined with external systems and products. It's compatible with over a thousand different types of heat pumps.

6. Service

TELETASK products can be installed by a standard electrical installer. However, design and commissioning are carried out by an experienced TELETASK system integrator. TELETASK also ensures perfect long-term service. Our distributors have digital access to our repair services. TELETASK products rarely need complete replacement and meet stringent sustainability goals.

Interested in TELETASK home automation?

After reading about our quality guarantees, are you convinced about TELETASK? Or do you still have some questions? Feel free to contact us.