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Everlasting timeless design: AURUS touch panels

Would your customer like to control one or more functions in a living space with extreme convenience? The AURUS capacitive touch panels are the ideal solution while also giving every interior an additional exclusive touch. Today, tomorrow, and for future generations, thanks to the timeless design and durability. How does TELETASK, the trendsetter in home automation, achieve this?

With the AURUS capacitive touch panels, a user can conveniently operate the home automation systems of TELETASK. This ranges from lighting, curtains, and blinds over doors and gates to heating, air conditioning, and even music. Simultaneously, the unique design of the touch panels makes them a treat for the eye. Architects and users can choose from a range of models in glossy black, glossy white, aluminum gray, or sparkling gold.


Timeless design, also for future generations

The AURUS capacitive touch panels don't just look great today. They will remain a fantastic eye-catcher for decades to come, with perfect color retention. Black stays perfectly black, white remains perfectly white, even after decades of hanging in the sun. How do we achieve this durability?

For the production of the touch panels, only natural glass is used, backed by 100% ceramic color layers instead of two-component lacquers. Home automation trendsetter TELETASK was once the first in the world to develop this unique design, thanks to which the colors of the AURUS touch panels never fade. To this day, it still is a unique product.

This contrasts to many similar touch panels with which others try to imitate but never match the AURUS panels. The imitations may be look-alikes, but they only give a false sense of durability: polymer versus natural glass, imprinted lacquer versus ceramic.


State-of-the-art capacitive touch technology

The AURUS touch panels by TELETASK are equipped with state-of-the-art capacitive touch technology. All it takes is a very short, very light touch to control a function. The user never has to stand still at the touch panel for long.

For example, if a user briefly touches a button on the AURUS-1, they can switch one light circuit. A longer touch can dim the light circuit or activate something completely different, depending on what the system integrator has configured.


Perfectly recyclable for a circular economy

The use of natural glass for the AURUS capacitive touch panels has another major advantage: it helps make the circular economy a reality. At the end of the life span of the touch panels, the glass and its ceramic back layer are perfectly recyclable for reuse in new products.

Even the packaging in which TELETASK transports the AURUS touch panels bears witness to the importance that the home automation trendsetter attaches to durability. Based on its zero waste policy, the company no longer protects the panels with shock-absorbing polymers and flowpack foam during transport, but with intelligently designed cardboard inserts which are developed in-house and made of +99% FSC and PEFC certified material.


In this way, the contractor leaves no plastic behind but generates only paper and cardboard waste. Consequently, the packaging doesn't look that fancy, with discreet, plain brown cardboard with monochrome grey printing, but the sun is inside the box!


Want to discover AURUS panels for yourself?

That's perfectly possible: every AURUS touch panel is on display in TELETASK’s new virtual showroom. It is shown in every available color. In the meantime, a guiding voice provides detailed information about the use and possibilities of the AURUS capacitive touch panels. The visitor can also watch the video for an extended explanation of the possible applications for each type of AURUS panel. This way, TELETASK inspires architects, users, and system integrators to create grand, lasting interiors and applications.