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Discover our newly extended range of lighting solutions

TELETASK offers to you a complete range of control solutions for LED (and traditional) lighting. Find out about all the interfaces with possible outputs: 0-10V, 1-10V, Dali, DSI, DMX and the set of PWM (230V/50Hz) and power (24V) dimmers below. All easily connected on AUTOBUS, giving you a smart and energy friendly solution.  

The configuration software PROSOFT is completely free. 

Secure management and diagnostics is available from remote side through TELETASK cloud.

Because of the intelligence inside the DoIP central units, standard models such as constant light control are readily available.

Tunable white, RGB control with a wheel of colours, human centric lighting, an unlimited number of logic functions, timers and clocks including presence simulation, etc. These are only a few of the solutions and integrations possible with the TELETASK system. In a total project, lighting comprises of only a small part of the integrated system, which means that everything can be integrated and controlled from touch buttons, (movement and presence) sensors, mobile devices, AURUS family touch panels and screens.

Control your lights integrated with curtains, blinds, AC, audio, ... and organise your comfort, security and energy footprint in a simple way with access for any level of user. From the youngest to the most experienced.

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0-10V dimmer

1-10V dimmer


PWM dimmer 2 channel

PWM dimmer 4 channel

Power FET dimmer 2 channel

Power FET dimmer 4 channel