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PWM LED Dimmer 4x3,1A

The TDS13634 is a four channel PWM dimmer on AUTOBUS to control DC dimmable LED light systems (e.g. LED strips). The interface can dim any monochrome or colour LED system, from cold to warm light including RGB and RGBW for standard and high end residential and professional applications.

The TELETASK PWM dimmer has the advantage over other dimmers that it offers smooth dimming from 0% to 100% (no minimum dim level). Due to the TELETASK high frequency TPWM control, it results in a stable luminosity control over the full dimming range. Dim level starts immediately at 1% with 100% stable working in standard and high-end applications.

The TELETASK PWM dimmer unit is also available in a two-channel high power version ref. TDS13632. See the technical data sheet for more information.


dots Specifications
Order reference TDS13634
Dimmer outputs 4 x 3,1A (=4x75W @ 24VDC)
DIN-rail mounting 3 modules wide
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Datasheet TDS13634