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Dimmer interface 8 x 0-10V output

This AUTOBUS interface has eight 0-10V outputs, which makes this interface suitable for dimming various light control systems (output to power dimmers to dim traditional lamps, halogen lamps and spots, etc.).

The 0-10V output signals should be used as input signals to standard power dimmers or for other analogue output control such as 0-10V heating valves. The input of the connected application (e.g. power dimmer) should be galvanically isolated from the mains (not all dimmers are isolated from the mains).

The interface is DIN rail compatible. 

Alternatively, you can use the TELETASK AUTOBUS power dimmers instead of a combination analog output + third party power dimmer.


dots Specifications
Order reference TDS13609
Analogue outputs 8 x 0-10V
DIN-rail mounting 3 modules wide
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Datasheet TDS13609