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Make your digital meter smart with TELETASK for carefree energy management

New to the TELETASK range is the TDS12340BE AUTOBUS interface for digital energy meters in Belgium and the Netherlands. This interface connects the AUTOBUS and the P1 port of the digital electricity meter. In this way, the TELETASK system can receive data about your energy consumption and generation and make adjustments. In the future, TELETASK will also release this product to other countries.


In recent years, digital meters have gradually replaced old electricity and gas meters. A digital metre has many advantages for end-users. For example, they give users more insight into their energy consumption and enable digital meter readings. In addition, a digital meter makes it possible to practice better control of your electrical appliances.

But the most significant advantage of a digital metre is that you can connect various other applications to it using TELETASK home automation integration, turning it into a smart meter.


How does a smart digital meter work?


In Belgium and the Netherlands, digital meters are equipped with a P1 user port. Via this port, the TELETASK system can capture energy consumption and generation data, allowing for intelligent management of your top energy-consuming household appliances and installations.



What are the advantages of a smart meter using TELETASK?


The TELETASK system can activate devices or circuits when you have energy left from your photovoltaic panels or when the energy cost is at a low level. The system can then activate for example your washing machine, tumble dryer, or dishwasher.

If you also have a heat pump or hot water boiler (or both), your TELETASK system can control them based on the measured energy parameters. On the other hand, the system also ensures that specific circuits are switched off to limit or prevent peak loads or energy consumption at high costs.

In short, the P1 interface enables you to optimise your own energy consumption and limit consumption to avoid consuming peaks that may cause maximum-demand penalties. 

The interface is also helpful for those who want a clearer overview of energy consumption and generation in their home or building. Users can get this overview via a touch panel with a display, a touch screen, or the home automation app on their smartphone. You can consult this app from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. You can also intervene manually if you wish. From home or from wherever, at any time.


If you like more detailed technical information about the TDS12340BE interface, please feel free to download the datasheet or read our article about smart meter integration. In addition, do not hesitate to contact your TELETASK distributor if you have any questions.