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Case: Luxury Project in Booming Tangier

Pinea Hills is rising in the Moroccan coastal city of Tangier, an exclusive residential complex with luxury villas and apartments. Those who can buy something here are the lucky ones, as the developer has thought of everything. Both inside and outside they selected the most beautiful and best materials. A piece of paradise on earth.

'Pinea Hills': the resounding name is immediately an indication for the market segment of these homes. Developer Groupe El Guartit always focuses on the high-end market, but Pinea Hills is the cream of the crop within their offering. The 60 apartments and 10 villas each have a living area of 260 to 800m². Outside you will find swaying palm trees, communal swimming pools and private swimming pools. Each apartment has a private parking space. With the sea nearby, you will always feel like you are on vacation here.

Interesting location by the coast

El Guartit is targeting customers from Belgium and the Netherlands, who are looking to buy a second residence or settle in Tangier. Compared to Casablanca or Fez, Tangier is still relatively small, but the city has been growing rapidly in recent years. This is thanks to its interesting location on the coast, with a ferry connection to Spain. Here in Pinea Hills, residents can certainly find peace and tranquillity. Each home is spacious and luxuriously finished. The apartments are equipped with soundproofed and thermally insulated walls, double glazing, central air conditioning and underfloor heating.

Famous designers

For a perfect result, El Guartit took on some big names. The large, lush green outdoor space at Pinea Hills was designed by the famous American garden architect Madison Cox (#madisoncox), while interior designer Eric Kuster (#erickuster) was responsible for the interior. He mainly chose European and Belgian materials and products. Not only are the marble and tiles imported, but the apartments also come with a fully furnished Bulthaup kitchen. A conscious move, due to the quality of the brands and also because potential European buyers are familiar with these brands and their quality. They expect the comfort they are used to in their new home.

Conscious choice for Belgian brands

A beautiful example is the architectural lighting of the Belgian design brand Delta Light, which creates a delightful atmosphere in the evenings. With every product choice, the interior architect had not only an eye for functionality but equally important were the design, the quality and the appearance of the product.

Discrete AURUS touch panels

That's why Eric Kuster chose TELETASK solutions for the fully integrated home automation of Pinea Hills. Kuster was already familiar with the brand from previous projects and found the discrete design of AURUS keypads and OPUS touchscreens perfect for the luxurious homes in Pinea Hills. All houses and apartments in this complex are equipped with the same aesthetic control elements from TELETASK. But users can also control everything from their smartphone or tablet, both locally and remotely. The TELETASK - ATMOS app is suitable for this purpose. Especially for weekend stays, remote control of heating and cooling is a dream solution for end users who are not often technology freaks. Simplicity and reliability are paramount here. They can control and manage everything from one app. Also, the indoor and outdoor lighting, sunscreens, curtains, etc...

TELETASK Integrated home automation

The occupants will benefit from a fully integrated home automation for maximum comfort, security and energy management. Everything is connected in the system, such as lighting, the heat pump providing heating, cooling and hot water. Thanks to the floor heating, there are no unsightly radiators to be seen. The heat pump is ideal for reducing energy costs, as electricity is expensive in Morocco and summers are warm, but winters can be quite cold in Tangier. Through the TELETASK control panels and the ATMOS mobile app, occupants can easily monitor their energy consumption and adjust it manually if desired. With fully integrated home automation, developers can make a difference and convince buyers.
Simplicity and comfort. Enjoy!

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