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Energy Management

TELETASK is focused on appropriate residential energy use. Europe’s future Smart Grid and the growing market for electric cars make intelligent houses with intelligent energy management an international necessity. All TELETASK systems are ready to meet this challenge right now. Among other things, through the link with the digital meter and the associated controls for energy injection and energy consumption, through load management control and peak limitation.

Learn about your energy usage by visualising it in graphs per day, week, month or year.

Since September 2016, TELETASK is very proud to be BEN certified, as the first Home Automation producer in Belgium. BEN stands for Bijna-Energie-Neutraal or in English NZE which means Nearly-zero-energy. 

After a study of the energy control algorithm built- in in the TELETASK DoIP systems, it is proven that a project with a TELETASK system can be configured to realise the utmost possible energy management in small to large projects. Everybody becomes a winner because for the owner the energy consumption is at its lowest, while the system integrator and the architect can offer a green building. The result for the community is a substantial decrease of energy consumption with a lower pollution (CO2 exhaust...) as one of the main results.