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Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Imagine a house with perfect room temperature control. Never too hot or too cold and where no energy is spoiled. A house with an intelligent heat-recovery ventilation system which offers highest air quality at all time. Where humidity or smells don’t get a chance, even not in the bathrooms and cooking areas. A house that tracks and manages the status of windows and shades while heating or cooling. A house that avoids heating and cooling by using the free energy of nature when possible. A safe house with the lowest energy consumption. A home to enjoy.

It is possible. Also in your project. And moreover, it is easy and affordable thanks to the TELETASK smart homes integration systems.

By installing a TELETASK system, an intelligent air conditioning is integrated with any other energy generating and consuming device in your house or apartment. You don’t need to take care and you can enjoy more interesting things then changing thermostats all the time, etc. You can simply forget about it.