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Control from anywhere

At times, your home may seem more a luxury hotel or just a frequently used meeting place than a residence. No need to worry. You can keep track and stay in control. A quick message (mail or sms) tells you whenever someone comes home. Or receive a snapshot in your mailbox when a visitor rings the doorbell.

Your home can be controlled trough the iSGUI app, from inside your home or trough a safe cloud connection from anywhere in the world.


TELETASK offers a powerful cloud solution for easy setup of your mobile device integration. The TELETASK iSGUI-app, for remote control, can connect with your home or building via the cloud. It has the advantage of both being easy and secure.

How does it work? The TELETASK system in your home maintains an encrypted and permanent connection with the TELETASK cloud service. When using your (mobile) devices they will automatically connect to the same cloud service, via a secure connection, to control your home.