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Access Control

Your house is your home and we all want to be sure that only those we trust can enter. With the TELETASK Proximity Readers all this is guaranteed. TELETASK offers security with an extra: the integration with home automation and a (free of charge) real-time visualisation app.

The TELETASK system recognises identity upon arrival. The system grants access, as well as automatically activates preferred settings including indoor and outdoor lights, temperature, sound, curtains, etc. Ensure access for the cleaning lady, gardener, or others only at agreed times.

Video Door Phone and Camera's

Strengthen your security and safety with a video door phone. Check your home camera's from a remote site with the data connection on your smart device. If you are at home, you can check your cameras on the TELETASK high resolution touch screens, on your mobile device, and on your PC or Mac.

Total integration

When you come home and swipe your access key-tag at the front door reader, not only the door can be opened for you, but when nobody is yet at home, the temperature settings in the different rooms can be altered to the preset levels. At the same time, when the light sensor detects low light level, some basic lights are on or dimmed to the desired level and if you like, the radio is tuned to your favourite station. And you only opened the door… Simplicity and comfort is our goal.