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NZE houses and the new PROSOFT software release

Nearly-Zero-Energy buildings

TELETASK offers a new PROSOFT- configuration software free of charge with a lot of extra possibilities for all new and existing house automation installations. It’s for example possible to send the curtains, blinds and sun blinds to a specific position, including feedback (%) on touch panels, smartphone and tablet and there are some brand new ‘smart - green building’ functions.

The motors can be controlled based on multiple new intelligent conditions and calculations. If for example  a room is getting too hot, by measuring the temperature and the insolation, the system can control the sun blinds in order to avoid overheating. This is also an ideal control in NZE and other low energy houses where a perfect comfort control goes hand in hand with the lowest possible power consumption. This also ensures the lowest possible building investment. The motor control can even be combined with wind measurement, so the outdoor sun blinds can work 100% safely.

PROSOFT also includes the configuration possibility for all interfaces recently introduced such as the touch panels AURUS-1 and AURUS-OLED PLUS and the new DIN-rail interfaces TDS13510, TDS13512 and TDS13526.

Next to this, this PROSOFT version is also provided with a new software ‘calculation-’ function for night cooling which, also in the context of NZE houses, ensures extra comfort at the lowest possible energy price. In fact, in a TELETASK NZE house it’s perfectly comfortable living on warm spring days, but even on the hottest summer days without any air conditioning system.