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Proximity reader

The TELETASK access control system uses only the highest safety standards for the access wit TELETASK chip cards and key tags. It is available in a robust plastic front plate version or in an exclusive solid glass finish.

Create user profiles and limited access where needed. The cleaning lady is for example limited to enter the house only in the morning or on certain days. When the TELETASK system detects her entrance, specific functions and settings are activated, while the owner receives and sms confirmaton of the access. The gardener can only open the main gate, the shed and the garage door. Not the front door. The water supply at the shed is activated when he offers his key-tag to the reader of the shed. At the other hand, the owners get full access and when they swipe their card or tag, the air conditioning settings can change automatically to their favourite settings. Who entered when, is visualised in the PORTA app on you smartphone

If a card or key is lost, it can simply be removed from the system list. The card wil be blocked and can't be used for entry anymore. Simple as that. If you have remote access with your PC, you can even make the changes from remote location… or ask your system integrator to offer this remote service for you.

The TELETASK proximity reader is an AUTOBUS interface for secured wireless access control. This means a higher user friendliness thanks to the fact that there is no precise handling needed to put the card in the reader to make a necessary hardware contact. Hold the proximity card or key holder TAG in front of the proximity reader to get access and generate any other integrated function.



dots Technical details
Order Reference TDS12142PN or TDS12142GL and TDS12142GB for glass versions
Dimensions TDS12142PN 115 x 115 x 15 mm
Dimensions TDS12142GL/TDS12142GB 115 x 115 x 18 mm
Colours Gray, silver gray glass, black glass
Wall mounting Standard wall box
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Leaflet Access Control
Datasheet TDS12142