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Latest generation hardware and software (G3 ‘Generation Three’). Overall improved characteristics compared to the previous generation. Fully compatible with most existing user interfaces and technical interfaces.

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art high speed, ultra low power, dual core CPU.
  • System backup with SuperCap/nvRAM (no batteries or SD-card is needed).
  • Gigabit ethernet LAN connection; downward compatible with 100Mb networks.

This central unit is equipped with two AUTOBUS connections and can be extended up to four with an optional AUTOBUS extension interface TDS10202. Configuration via (free of charge) PROSOFT V4.0 or higher.

By default, up to 62 AUTOBUS I/O interfaces can be connected. In combination with the TDS10202 extension interface, this can be extended up to 124 I/O interfaces.

Up to 10 PALAS (or other G3) central units, connected over LAN, can behave as one large integrated system with up to 1240 interfaces (= thousands of I/O’s).

See more details and remarks in the on-line technical handbook and data sheet. For configuration, you can download the latest version of PROSOFT Suite (4.0 or higher) from the website

dots Specifications
Order reference TDS10300
Max. number of AUTOBUSES 4
Max. number of linked DoIP central units 10
Max. number of TDS interfaces on AUTOBUS 2 x 31 + optional extra 2 x 31 = 124 total
Max. number of inputs (on 4 x AUTOBUS) 500
Max. number of outputs (on 4 x AUTOBUS) 500
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Datasheet TDS10300