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Central units

Impressive speed, outstanding reliability and low energy consumption. The latest generation of TELETASK DoIP central units is ready for the tasks of tomorrow. DOMUS and PALAS offer comfort and ease of use as standard. But flexibility and adaptability – even for future applications – are unmistakable assets of this G3 generation.


DIN-rail compatible central unit of the latest generation (G3) brings the DoIP (Domotics over IP) family to the next level. Fast, reliable, compact and low energy consumption – are just a few specs of PALAS. This compact central unit is to be used in small, large and very large home- and building automation projects. Every PALAS installation is fully modular. Up to 10 PALAS (or other G3) central units, connected over LAN, can behave as one large integrated system with up to 1240 interfaces (= thousands of I/O’s).



Central unit for full featured low/medium capacity DoIP integrated installations. Can be integrated with up to 10 DoIP G3 central units, via LAN.




As a brother of the MICROS+, the NANOS central unit widens the DoIP (Domotics over IP) family. This compact unit is to be used in both small and large home automation projects. Every NANOS installation is fully modular.



The PICOS central unit is the heart of any entry level installation. As the little brother of the DoIP family, it is the perfect solution for apartments or hotel rooms.