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TELETASK G3: The new standard in home automation, ready for the future

Impressive speed, outstanding reliability and low energy consumption. TELETASK's new generation of domotics over IP (DoIP) central units are upgraded for tomorrow's tasks. The new central units, DOMUS and PALAS, offer comfort and ease of use as standard. But flexibility and adaptability for future applications are also undeniable strengths of this new generation of central units.

Are you ready for a new step in automating your home? Then you just need to choose which home automation system best suits your needs. Feel free to be demanding. The only limitation for you to take into account... is that of your own imagination.

Developed for maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption

The best home automation system is the one that both takes your comfort to new heights and reduces or avoids energy consumption. All new and renovated homes today have numerous technologies that, thanks to integrated and intelligent control, can work together. The aim is to make your life more pleasant and balance your energy consumption. Fully in line with the energy transition to 2030 and 2050. Thoughtful programming let you save energy, good for your budget and the invironment and its climate. For example, TELETASK's new generation of home automation systems regulate your room temperature by coordinating all available technologies. Even when you are not at home or not using certain living areas. Think for example of automatically adjusting the blinds in rooms that would suddenly overheat in summer. Consequently, the HVAC will have to work less or even not at all. Or by activating your biggest electricity consumers - charging your electric car, hot water boiler, washing machine and dryer - mainly when the efficiency of your solar panels is optimal. And vice versa, if several appliances are working at the same time, the TELETASK system will automatically spread the load to prevent a peak load on your grid.


TDS10309 DOMUS Central Unit 

These are just some of the features of DOMUS and PALAS. But it doesn't stop there, of course. In terms of access control, burglary prevention, indoor and outdoor lighting control, general scene optimization, audio devices, etc... The limit is not in the technology, but in your imagination of what is the best place for you to live in.


Technological innovation for lasting compatibility


At TELETASK, we have been developing our systems for more than 37 years and with an ever changing future in mind. We don't think in years, but in decades. That's why components for TELETASK systems remain available throughout their lifetime and why we continue to invest in (software) updating them. This is not different with the new central units DOMUS and PALAS. The development of these new Third Generation systems took several years. The specifications of the new central units therefore read like an ode to the power of technological innovation. Like the dual core 1GHz CPU with co-processor for high speed and reliability, super-fast 3G cloud connectivity for secure and global monitoring... but always at an extreme low power consumption and up to 30 years of lifetime.

TDS10300 PALAS Central Unit 

Then there is also the new PROSOFT 4.0 configuration software for user-centric operation. Yet DOMUS and PALAS remain fully compatible with TELETASK's current and past components. An upgrade to the latest generation of switchboards is therefore perfectly possible while retaining an existing installation. Over the years, TELETASK has built up an impressive portfolio of references from smart flats and homes to prestigious villa’s, palaces and hotels, to entire smart districts and tower buildings where hundreds of systems work together. Today and tomorrow. That's the TELETASK commitment.


The assets of DOMUS and PALAS

  • Future-proof technology
  • Integration of every conceivable technology, such as lighting, HVAC, curtains and blinds, gates, audio, video door phones, access control, voice control, cloud, energy management ...
  • Almost infinitely modular expandable
  • Continued support and compatibility with previous generations
  • Four-year guarantee
  • Easy installation. TELETASK has a global network of specialized and experienced system integrators
  • Also remote control via a user-friendly and well-organized app


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