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Introducing: the TELETASK Mobile Demo Experience

Are you a TELETASK professional seeking a versatile mobile demo installation for road shows, exhibitions, and showrooms? Look no further. Our innovative hi-level design concept is not just another TELETASK product but a source of inspiration, empowering you to create your localized solution.


For TELETASK professionals who need a mobile extended demo installation for road shows, exhibitions, and showrooms. This hi-level design concept is not a TELETASK product as it is meant to inspire you to make your own local solution.

Advantages of this flexible multi-demo case concept:

This mobile promotional setup is compact and easy to transport, but exclusive and TELETASK brand image supporting thanks to its unique exclusive design. Architects and indoor decorators will appreciate the design for their most demanding high-end customers. While most companies show their products more in a technical way, this concept is all about exclusivity and full-featured demonstration and user experience.

The result is not just a set of components but a full operational environment. It is also meant for a non-technical end user, using the demo system without any explanation or training. He will experience the simplicity of a TELETASK system no matter his or her background or age. It is also regardless of being the home owner, a family member, a visitor or an employee.

Demo for who?

Besides as a demo for end users, this demo set can be used on professional exhibitions, in showrooms, or temporary events for system integrators, architects, indoor decorators, and builders. Specifically for the high-end residential and professional building segment.

What can be demonstrated?

All basic functions can be experienced and demonstrated on miniature push buttons, AURUS touch panels, and an OPUS touch screen which are built-in on the user zone (one of the three demo panels). There is also a technical zone (another panel with central unit, technical interfaces behind a transparent front). A third panel contains the living rooms. This panel has a house drawing with LEDs for a demo of indoor and outdoor lights (switched and dimmed), motorized shade, HVAC (room temperature control), garden sprinklers, EV (electrical vehicle) charger, PV (photovoltaic) panel, wall sockets,...

The user interface panel also has motion sensor, light sensor, IP camera, and more. The user can play with the built-in buttons, touch panels, and 7” OPUS color touch screen.

The demo system can be connected to a WiFi or Ethernet network. A full integrated remote control demo via the TELETASK ATMOS app can be given (from Apple and Android smartphones, tablet or PC).

If you have the ethernet/internet connected, you can also add an Alexa or Google voice assistant for a voice control demo. For sound demo, you can add one or more Sonos streaming audio speakers. Then the demo becomes really impressive and gives a 'full integrated' impression.

It becomes a real high-end TELETASK experience now.

Having the ATMOS ‘one app for all’ to control everything in your house, shows the simplicity and limitless power of TELETASK.

Tip: We recommend going all the way with your demonstrations! Only a light- and wall socket on/off demo would not be inspiring and hard to compete with a low-cost lighting system. The demo must show the power of full integration. Therefore, you can provide the installation with powerful moods.

For a technical audience, you can demonstrate the power of PROSOFT and the remote services you can offer with it. High-level customers like the efficiency of a fast, sustainable, and price-effective remote service.

Practical information

  • The demo set is mobile and can be taken in the trunk of a (midsize) car. The setup can be done by one person and only takes about 15 minutes + Wi-Fi/ethernet setup.
  • The concept has three flight cases, made as for stand-alone setup. No need for a desktop support (tables) because the units have their own foldable/snap-in table legs. You only need a wall socket to power it and an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • For a more attractive booth approach, you can combine this demo set with background- and roll-up displays and brand flags (indoor and/or outdoor). The demo set itself is for indoor use only.
  • You can ask TELETASK to provide you with print-ready marketing material and have our mini brochure and large catalog for your visitors.
  • You can also buy our standard ready-to-use roll-up display ref. TDS55300.


The demo setup is a concept and not offered as a ready-built product. So anyone can change the concept to his own preferences, space, and budget. TELETASK is willing to help and support you with your design and realization of it. Special prices for the demo components can be available through your TELETASK supplier. TELETASK can also supply you the Alu plate with the house design and the underlying pre-fabricated PCB with buttons and LED’s. This will make your production time much lower while having the best looks (all exclusive black color).

Ready-made alternative

If you prefer a small and ready-made solution, we have the compact (new 2023 G3 design) demo case ref. TDS56409G3 at your disposal. Just a wall socket and you are up and running. This demo case is most useful for personal on-site demos. It is not suitable for less for exhibitions and full option demos like the above concept.

The TDS56409G3 is also provided with the latest G3 DOMUS central unit, built-in IP camera and WiFi router for ATMOS demonstration.

Interested in this new concept?

Are you interested in our new mobile roadshow concept, or are you looking for an answer to your question? Leave us a message.