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Monitor and optimize your energy consumption with TELETASK

In an era of energy transition, being energy conscious is essential. If you want to manage your energy, sustainable and more efficiently, it is crucial to closely monitor your energy consumption. Fortunately, TELETASK home automation solutions can actively support you in this regard. With TELETASK home automation, measuring is not just about knowing, it goes one step further - it's also taking action. Find out how TELETASK makes your energy management more efficient.

Please note that this article applies to Belgium and the Netherlands only. TELETASK plans integration with digital energy meters in more countries. Please check with your national TELETASK distributor (via if this is also available for your country/region. Go to the article in Dutch


Integrate your digital meter with home automation

Everything starts, of course, with the right data. Thanks to linking your TELETASK installation with the digital meter, you get an accurate picture of your energy consumption and can consequently closely monitor your energy consumption. The home automation system records how much energy you produce and it informs you of how much energy you and your family members actually consume. As a result, you will not be faced with (unpleasant) surprises, and you can intervene in time if you find it necessary. In this way, through its installations, TELETASK aims to help save both you and the entire community and wants to optimize energy consumption.


Visually monitor your energy consumption

energieverbruik monitoren visualisatie

In addition to collecting all relevant energy data through the link with the digital meter, the TELETASK home automation system can also perfectly visualize your energy consumption. How much you produce and/or consume energy, and when exactly you do so, is cast by TELETASK into clear and comparative graphs. These graphs can give you a picture of your day, your week, your month as well as your year. This makes you aware of any patterns or problems and helps TELETASK to optimally balance your energetic actions.

In addition, you do not have to be at home to get a picture of your energy consumption. Thanks to the handy ATMOS app, you can also monitor your energy consumption remotely via your smartphone and make adjustments if necessary.


From reducing your consumption to avoiding consumption peaks

The link with the digital meter and the visual representations of your energy consumption allows you to monitor your energy consumption. This allows you to make informed choices that effectively save energy and costs. Here are some of the possibilities:

Reduce your consumption

energieverbruik monitoren verlagen

TELETASK remedies standby consumption by switching off (small) devices that remain plugged in continuously when not needed.

Increase your self-consumption

energieverbruik monitoren zelfconsumptie

An integrated TELETASK system allows you to automatically operate your appliances based on your own extracted solar energy, without having to intervene yourself.

Avoid consumption peaks

energieverbruik monitoren verbruikspieken

Users can easily detect peak consumption through the visualizations. In addition, you can switch off certain devices temporarily. This allows you to avoid high peaks without having to intervene manually.



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