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ITALIAN splendour

Italian splendor combined with maximum comfort


Welcome to Mr. Edoardo Rossi's magnificent villa. If you look into the distance from the swimming pool or from the dining room, you can have a glimpse of the ancient city of Rome. That fantastic view alone makes the house special. But even then, we have not yet explored the house itself, nor have we experienced its architecture, interior and exclusive level of comfort.

On the ground floor of this Italian villa, you will find the dining and living rooms, kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom. The master bedroom and second bathroom are located one floor above. A lower floor offers a bedroom for Mr. Rossi's grandparent and a second kitchen.

Both inside and outside, there is a minimalistic approach according to the signature of architect and interior designer Mr. Flavio Mattioni. At the same time, the villa offers a lot of comfort, thanks to the TELETASK integrated home automation system, distributed by Intellia Intelligent Automation from Bologna and, in this case, arranged by sales manager Mr. Angelo Bonori.



Heaven on earth, inside and out


As a designer, Mr. Flavio Mattioni wanted the lighting in the house to be as flexible as possible, in order to illuminate the villa optimally and efficiently. The lighting is managed by the home automation system with flush-mounted control panels which are as inconspicuous as possible, so as not to disturb the interior design. In addition, the system guarantees a comfortable indoor climate. It does, after all, also control the heating and air conditioning, as well as the motorised shades.

Outside, the home automation system ensures a perfect garden by intelligently controlling the garden watering. In the evening, 'fireflies' seem to flutter around: white LED lights from the integrated garden lighting. Even the swimming pool is bathed in a special atmosphere thanks to the integrated RGB LED lighting. And the water is always ready for a dip, courtesy of the integrated filter system.

The security of the villa and the domain is covered by an independent alarm system. But thanks to the integration of it, the owner can use the home automation system to switch the alarm on or off, or to check its status. 



To gain access, the residents scan their fingerprint on a reader at the gate, main entrance door or garage door. Have visitors arrived? The homeowner welcomes them via the OPUS touch screen, perfectly integrated with the video-door phone unit outside.
Mr. Edoardo Rossi can not only monitor and control all technology, from lighting to security, via AURUS touch panels and OPUS touch screens, but also with his voice, via Alexa, or remotely, with the TELETASK app on his iPhone and GUI+ on a Windows tablet and his PC in the house.


Rolls Royce of home automation systems

The integration of all techniques creates a particularly comfortable villa, which can make every day of its inhabitants a perfect one, adapted to and with respect for Mr. Edoardo Rossi's wishes. Perfectly controlled, for an optimal comfort, safety and energy management. The house therefore has a low energy consumption, which is more interesting today than ever.



The owner didn't want to take any chances and compared several solutions available on the Italian market. But in the end, he opted for the TELETASK system because it seemed almost tailor-made, exactly what he wanted. For Mr. Edoardo Rossi, it's the Rolls Royce of home automation systems, which he wouldn't be willing to trade in anymore.

And if the owner has a question, he knows he can always reach a professional who can control and verify the system remotely, before he has to call in a technician. Architect Mr. Flavio Mattioni is also a fan and has already involved Intellia in several of his other projects. Una vita comoda. Especially if you enjoy the comfort, safety and energy management of TELETASK. In Italy, or anywhere in the world.