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The first anniversary candle for G3! A successful introduction

One year after the first introduction, G3 based installations are operational in several hundreds of houses and buildings. They are mounted in the electrical distribution boards of smart apartments, high-end houses and luxury villas. About 30 percent of the G3 central units are also installed to manage shops, offices and small to large professional surfaces like warehouses and factory buildings. It is proof of our confidence in the TELETASK products, their features and reliability.

The advantages of G3

The third generation of central units, DOMUS and PALAS, bring the DoIP (Domotics over IP) family to the next level. A short overview of the advantages which are offered by G3:

  • G3 is using the latest chip technology, ready for new features which need more processing power than ever before.
  • G3 is using 28nm nano technology with >4000% increased speed.
  • Dual core with a co-processor: 2 x 1 GHz.
  • Ultra low power consumption: -42% compared to the former generation.
  • Ultra low processor temperature, results in a lifetime of 20 to 30 years.
  • Increased AUTOBUS speed.
  • Less then one minute start-up time (including set-up of the TTcloud connection).
  • Ready to implement AI (artificial intelligence).
  • No SD memory card, no back-up battery (supercap with backup in flash memory).
  • Up to 50 audio zones per installation.
  • Compatible with the existing TELETASK interfaces.
  • No training needed for your team, if they are familiar with G2.
  • Support of dynamic IP addresses.
  • G3 ‘one app for all’ (ATMOS) available

An early example case with G3 central units.

In the changeover period of Q4 2023, a nice project with 12 villas, was planned to use G2. It didn’t take a long time for the system integrator to decide to use G3 instead, although it was a slightly more expensive solution.

High speed data communication, low power consumption, easy to install, easy to configure and ready for the future were a few elements that convinced him to use the TELETASK G3 generation. They became 12 of the almost one thousand of G3 installations which are operational today.

We hope that you enjoy G3 in your projects, but we do support you for the thousands of existing G2 installations for the decades to come! TELETASK guarantees continuity in any way. It is also possible to upgrade a G2 installation to G3 without the need to change the other interfaces in the installation. The migration from NANOS (G2) can be easily done in minutes, but also other G2 installations and even G1’s can be upgraded to the latest generation. So don’t hesitate to help your customers to get the latest features like energy management and more integration to come. REMOTE SEVICES, VOICE CONTROL and ATMOS are the most successful today.


In the coming months, we will provide G3 with the next big step: PROSOFT 5 !