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The next step in our sustainable strategy: eliminating plastic packaging

Last year, we shared our sustainability actions with you in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some examples of actions we’ve already taken: establishing paperless digital payroll administration, switching our factory and offices to 100% green energy, and introducing personalized reusable drinking bottles for all. Now it’s time for us to step up our packaging game as well.

We’re proud to announce the next step in our sustainability journey: eliminating plastic packaging from our products – and your construction site. From now on, an intricate cardboard packing system will keep your home automation products equally safe during transport.

The new system: cardboard over plastic

We previously used shock-absorbing polymers and flowpack foams to protect our home automation products during transport. Effective, but not the most environmentally friendly solution. We felt we could do better. So, we started thinking and experimenting… until eventually, our R&D team decided on the ideal solution: 100% cardboard! We now package our products using in-house designed cardboard inserts made of +99% FSC and PEFC-certified material.

Our goal? Zero waste!

With this new approach, we seek to contribute to your zero-waste construction site. You, too, can save time and money thanks to our new packaging, as cardboard is easily disposed of, and the small binders that are still used are fully recyclable. In short: from now on, our future-proof products come in sustainable packaging as well.

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