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AURUS-6 and AURUS-6 TEMP touch panels with VOC sensor

The AURUS-6 and AURUS-6 TEMP touch panels not only enhance your home automation experience by managing lighting, curtains, and more but also prioritize your comfort and air quality through their advanced features.

These panels are equipped with hidden sensors that monitor room temperature, humidity, and air quality (VOC), ensuring a healthy living environment. Available in two models, both feature six buttons for control, with the option of an OLED display on the TDS12028xx version for added convenience. The AURUS-6 allows you to control any TELETASK function effortlessly. With just a single button, you can activate a light or trigger a whole scene—setting the perfect mood for activities like breakfast, TV time, reading, or welcoming guests. This functionality simplifies your daily routines by creating personalized settings for every occasion.

Air quality is a critical concern in today's world. Recognizing this, TELETASK has integrated a VOC sensor into the AURUS-6 panels to detect and manage indoor air contaminants effectively. VOCs—Volatile Organic Components—are harmful gases from various sources that can affect our health. The system automatically regulates ventilation to maintain clean air without any manual intervention needed from you, ensuring energy efficiency and a consistently healthy environment.

Temperature management is seamless with both AURUS-6 models featuring a built-in sensor to monitor room temperatures accurately. The AURUS-6 TEMP model further enhances user experience with its OLED display, making it easy to set your preferred temperature directly on the touch panel. Humidity levels are also under control thanks to the integrated humidity sensor in the AURUS-6 TEMP panel. Whether it's simple ventilation adjustments or more complex drying/humidification processes, these panels ensure optimal humidity conditions for your comfort.

Regarding VOCs—the chemicals released from paints and finishes that compromise our air quality—the AURUS-6's dedicated VOC sensor actively monitors and removes these gases through intelligent ventilation management. This smart approach prevents unnecessary energy use and noise while keeping your home's air clean. For those interested in learning more about how AURUS-6 and AURUS-6 TEMP intelligently measure VOCs and their impact on health and well-being, additional resources including data sheets and white paper are available on the TELETASK website at