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AURUS-6 TOUCH PANEL with built-in air quality sensors

As a member of the AURUS family, the AURUS-6 touch panel with six buttons, has a solid glass front plate with a ceramic printed backside, available in four colours. Specific for the AURUS-6 touch panel, is that is has several hidden sensors inside. It can measure the room temperature, humidity, and air quality (VOC) levels, and also has a built-in infrared receiver for remote control.
With AURUS-6, you can control about every TELETASK function. A single button can operate one light or light circuit, but it can also call up an entire "scene" with pre-set values for lighting, temperature, music... Such powerful but easy to use mood buttons, make living much simpler and more enjoyable.
Beside an optimised comfort, air quality has also become an important concern today. That's why TELETASK chose to incorporate a multi disciplined VOC sensor in the AURUS-6. This state-of-the-art sensor measures a wide range of potential contaminants which can be harmful to humans and house animals. AURUS-6 can control the ventilation or HVAC system to minimise VOC levels.

The AURUS-6 panel also has a built-in room temperature sensor for room temperature control. At the other hand, a built-in humidity sensor can be used to measure, visualize (e.g. on the ATMOS mobile app) and control the room humidity level.

Remark: There is also the AURUS-6 TEMP (TDS12028xx) which has an additional OLED display for direct sensor readout.

Order references:

dots Technical details
Order Reference TDS12028
Dimensions 90 x 140 x 11 mm
Front plate Solid glass
Touch panel Capacitive
Buttons 6 (short+long)
Feedback Buzzer + LED's
IR receiver Built-in
Sensors built-in Temperature, Humidity, VOC (air quality)
Mounting Standard wall box, flush or raised
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Leaflet AURUS 6
Datasheet TDS12027