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March 2021

TELETASK Virtual Showroom

Do you want to introduce end-users or (interior) architects to the many possibilities of TELETASK home automation? To inspire them to create a smart home or office with a lot of comfort, security and energy management? From now on, you can do this anywhere, anytime, in our virtual showroom. It’s brand new and the very first in the world of home automation.


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February 2018

Product Launches 2018

May 2017

TTSchool: TELETASK training movies

A complete set of TELETASK training movies is now available on the TELETASK Professional platform. The training movies are a work of reference to freshen up your knowledge on different subjects and to train new employees for existing system integrators. 


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February 2017


To integrate small HVAC split units (AC and heat pumps), TELETASK introduces the IR-COOKIE on the home automation market. The IR-COOKIE is a learnable IR transmitter that can simulate the IR signal of a remote control to control an AC system or an A/V system as well.

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