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TELETASK at the ACETECH Exhibition in Mumbai: a succes

ACETECH Mumbai marked a significant triumph for TELETASK INDIA and its valued clientele. Read more about our wonderful experience.

TELETASK Shines at Mumbai's Construction Exhibition

In early November, the prominent building and construction exhibition in Mumbai set the stage for TELETASK's impressive booth. Positioned centrally, the booth garnered considerable attention from numerous visitors intrigued by exclusive home automation products and solutions. While a substantial portion of the Indian home automation market still focuses on light control, this edition showcased a notable shift in the high-end market towards fully integrated solutions, a forte of TELETASK.

Dynamic display of innovation

Over the four-day exhibition, a dedicated team of 10 sales members engaged with over a thousand interested professionals, including system integrators, architects, interior decoration architects, and project developers. The ACETECH booth showcased a fully operational system featuring every available user interface, a variety of sensors, a large touchscreen with an ATMOS demo, and a distribution board illustrating the installation and connection of technical interfaces.

The multitude of existing references in India, coupled with the exclusive design of TELETASK's user interfaces, persuaded several new potential professionals to explore TELETASK further.

TELETASK is no stranger to India

Operating in India for over 18 years, TELETASK boasts a robust network of experienced sales, installation, and support teams covering all major regions of the country. While TELETASK INDIA is headquartered in Hyderabad, its support extends nationwide. Trained and certified system integrators are strategically positioned all over India, with in addition five operational experience centers in Delhi (North India), Hyderabad (South India), Mumbai (South-West India), and the recently inaugurated centers in Pune & Goa.

Numerous projects have come to fruition in India over the years. In 2023, we successfully executed an additional 150 projects. During the exhibition week, extensive meetings also took place, outlining plans for over 2.000 installations slated for implementation over the next three years. The year 2023 marked an unprecedented growth rate of +300%, setting a new record. Anticipating a continuation of this remarkable trajectory, the TELETASK INDIA team and its partners have demonstrated their preparedness for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.

Congratulations to the TELETASK team at ACETECH and also thanks for joining the dealer event on November 7th!