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Extraordinary architecture & TELETASK home automation: a perfect match

© The Art of Living magazine, Germán Bourgeat

This article will explore two impressive architectural gems that recently emerged in Eke-Nazareth (Belgium). We’re talking about two beautiful lake-side villas designed by Desmet & Lammens Architects which are built side by side. Both residences are equipped with TELETASK domotics. The villas were recently featured in the Art of Living, an exclusive architecture and indoor decoration magazine which also provided the visuals for this article.


Timeless design, advanced technology

Architectural duo Carmen Lammens and Philippe Desmet designed the two villas on adjacent plots. The brief? The houses had to have the same building typology, but there was a twist. Each home had to reflect the personal taste of its residents – both outside and inside. Desmet & Lammens succeeded with flying colours.

The bright villas exude timeless elegance and immediately evoke holiday vibes thanks to their refined design, luxurious building materials, and spectacular lake views. And while each home has its own distinct personality, together, they form a perfectly cohesive whole highlighted by afzelia wood slats.

What else do the villas have in common, besides a central entrance gate and parking area? Both of them are fitted with TELETASK home automation.


Desmet & Lammens - Villa in Eke-Nazareth

© The Art of Living magazine, Germán Bourgeat


Bart Vander Plaetsen, responsible for image, sound, home automation, security, and E-installation in the villas: “The houses are equipped with a NANOS central unit, Dali interfaces, AURUS-OLED touch panels, access control, and much more. The installation of all integrations went very smoothly.”


Here’s a selection of the integrated functions:

  • indoor and outdoor lighting
  • access control
  • audio (Sonos)
  • voice control
  • automated blinds
  • heating
  • motion sensors
  • light sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • license for smartphone control


Bart: “We’ve set up the astronomical clock function, which predicts when the sun rises and sets every day of the year. That means the lights inside or outside switch on automatically as soon as it gets dark, and when the owners are at home.”

“We have also linked specific conditions to some of the light sensors in one of the residences. As long as the children are asleep, the corridor lights do not automatically switch on when their parents pass by, ensuring a good night’s rest without any distractions!”


Desmet & Lammens Architecten - Villa in Eke

© The Art of Living magazine, Germán Bourgeat


Usability and aesthetics go hand in hand

Desmet & Lammens Architects has worked with TELETASK home automation systems for years. According to Philippe Desmet, there is a simple reason for this: “We usually choose TELETASK domotics because they combine the user-friendly aspect of home automation with the aesthetics. The latter is very important to us and the customer alike. Therefore, the product has to be beautiful as well as functional.”

Philippe: “Over the years, we have noticed that home automation does not always make the end-user's life easier. Some systems are quite complex to operate, but we always get positive feedback on TELETASK domotics. Their system really does simplify the lives of its users. So our decision to go with TELETASK for this project was an obvious one.”


Minimalistische villa met domotica in Eke

© The Art of Living magazine, Germán Bourgeat


TELETASK adds value for end-users

The proud owners of these minimalist villas, Karel and Frederik, are brothers and opticians, each running their own shop in the area. Leading a busy life, these business owners decided that home automation would bring them much value.

Karel: “When both the architect and the electrician suggested installing a home automation system, we quickly followed suit. For me, the TELETASK app, in particular, is a great added value. It’s convenient and easy to control everything from my mobile phone: I can see and adjust the temperature in every room and operate all the lights, but I can also open the door remotely.”

“The entrance gate and garage, the electric blinds, the lights, and the heating are all home automation controlled. So even when I'm at home, I can manage all my applications from the couch. It’s convenient, and it brings more comfort to my life!”


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