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High-end home automation for Bang & Olufsen showroom in Portugal

A Portuguese showroom of high-end brand Bang & Olufsen was equipped with a home automation system integrating almost all functions. This means shop visitors receive a perfect welcome and the company can also offer them home automation projects.

The Bang & Olufsen showroom in the mundane Portuguese seaside town Cascais was given a thorough makeover in early 2024. GMS-Store, system integrator and reseller of Apple and Bang & Olufsen in Portugal, wanted to further expand the showroom as its main location where customers can view and experience all its products. The B&O audio and home entertainment products were given extra space, and in addition, the storefront was also equipped with a TELETASK “full integrated” home automation system. "This turns the showroom more than ever into an exclusive experience space," says Gonçalo Correia, Store Manager for Bang & Olufsen Cascais by GMS-Store.

Smart homes

The idea is to show customers complete, integrated solutions beyond audio and video in the redesigned showroom. Gonçalo Correia: "TELETASK technology is now also part of the scope. With this concept store, we are aiming at high-end customers with an interest in smart homes. Many of them wish to control their home automation via their iPad or iPhone. TELETASK's Apple interface is therefore an extra asset."

Strategic choice for TELETASK

GMS-Store had not previously worked with TELETASK but had worked with other home automation systems for customer projects. When renovating the interactive showroom in Cascais, Rui Marques, technology project manager at GMS-Store, strategically chose TELETASK as their home automation brand.

The installation of home automation in the revamped showroom was carried out by Portuguese TELETASK partner IDR. In the process, all GMS-Store technicians were present so that they were also immediately trained on the installation and integration options.

Shop furnished as living space

The ground floor now has all Bang & Olufsen products on display, while the downstairs has been converted into a stylish living space where customers can discover just about every possibility in TELETASK home automation.

"The access control, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, audio and video: everything is integrated with TELETASK," says Gonçalo Correia. "Thanks to motion sensors, the lights turn on automatically when you go down the stairs. We have also pre-configured several ‘moods’ so that we can give customers a demo of the Bang & Olufsen audio and video in optimal conditions. For example, if we want to show a TV, we activate the preset mood so that only that screen is illuminated. And for a home cinema demo, the curtains close and the lights are dimmed."

Easy to use

The preset moods and thorough integration make the TELETASK home automation system extra easy to use. When shop employees enter in the morning, all they have to do is click on 'Good Morning' to activate all screens, lights and speakers. During the day, they can control the functions via the two 7" OPUS touch screens, the compact AURUS-OLED panel or the user-friendly smartphone app.

Perfect for customers and technicians

"The benefits we have with TELETASK domotics in our showroom also apply to our customers," says Gonçalo Correia. "It's easy to use, you can integrate it flexibly with lots of brands and you can choose from different types of control panels in different colours. Our interior designer was happy with those options and the design look of the panels, too. For our customer projects, it is also important that the system is easy to install and configure, so we can offer high-level customer service for home automation as well. With the revamped showroom, we can show our customers what is possible today, how the system works and what it looks like. This makes it easier for them to imagine how they can use TELETASK home automation in their homes."​

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