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Home automation as the beating heart of a spacious open family home.

In this article, we take a look at a spacious open family home in the outskirts of Antwerp-Belgium. Mertens Architects designed this beautiful villa, which is equipped with TELETASK home automation, integrated by Elektra Deschrijver.

A look inside the home

Mertens Architects created an open design, characterized by high-quality materials and a high level of finishing. Natural light was a central focus of this home. For example, the living room and kitchen form one large unit thanks to the large windows with panoramic views of the garden.


The villa was equipped with the latest technologies, which had to be centrally manageable. For this purpose, System Integrator Elektra De Schrijver was approached. Thanks to their experience, they quickly opted for TELETASK home automation solutions to integrate various functionalities. These initially include lighting and access control, but there is more. The modular setup of TELETASK ensures flexibility, allowing the home automation solutions to grow with the family's needs over time.


We spoke with managing director Filip De Schrijver about the factors that determine the user experience: "We have been involved in home automation since the early days and gathered decades of experience as electrical contractors. Soon we became system integrators in order to be able to attract new customers and offer a higher added value to this attractive market. With TELETASK, we know that we can always count on a reliable system, ease of installation and operation, an excellent service, and a solid long-term partnership. This Belgian company has been a stable and growing home automation pioneer from the very beginning."

Features of the installation

Several components were integrated into this villa, including a NANOS central unit, OPUS touch screens, and DALI interfaces.


The NANOS central unit is DoIP compatible and provides an IP-based home automation integration on top of the TELETASK AUTOBUS-based system. Two OPUS touch screens as well as a range of classic push buttons are integrated. A Siedle VoIP - SIP door phone completes the camera based access control, working together with the OPUS touch screens.


The lighting is controlled via two 64 channel DALI interfaces. Thanks to the powerful modular system, it is further expandable in the future. This is convenient because the owner of the building plans to control and monitor his energy parameters and integrate photovoltaic panels, power batteries and an EV charging system. For this purpose, the TELETASK system contains the necessary energy management tools and the connection interface to the digital energy meter.


Also the look and feel of the system must not be forgotten. In a high-end home with a sleek finish, only an integrated home automation system fits, if the visible parts match the interior design. "The stylish OPUS touch screens fit in perfectly here, especially because of their design and ease of use," testifies Filip De Schrijver.

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