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Historic restoration and technological advancement of House Myle

If you live in or frequently visit Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), chances are you've heard of ‘Huis Myle’. This stunning historical landmark has undergone a remarkable transformation, prioritizing not just aesthetics but also comfort.

Explore how TELETASK home automation played a pivotal role in this renovation.

Myle House restored to its former glory

Huis Myle’, a stunning historical building dating back to 1896 on the Main Square in Sint-Niklaas, is a remarkable monument. In 1996, it was granted protected heritage status due to its rich history. Unfortunately, after the departure of its last occupant in 2006, the property remained vacant for a long time. A pity.

Fortunately, after approximately 15 years of vacancy, some developers and real estate agents from Sint-Niklaas decided to breathe new life into ‘Huis Myle’. Following a three-year renovation, the building has been transformed into a vibrant business centre, primarily catering to the real estate sector. The historic neo-Flemish Renaissance architecture has been meticulously restored and upgraded with the latest modern techniques. The result? A harmonious blend of past and present, emphasizing contemporary comfort and sustainability.

The Role of TELETASK Home Automation in the Modern House Myle

To maximize comfort in this beautiful building, a TELETASK home automation system was deliberately chosen. The user-friendly interfaces not only elevate comfort to a higher level but also ensure smart energy management.

With TELETASK, owners can control and manage the various technical systems in the rooms according to their preferences. The elegant TELETASK AURUS OLED touch panels in ‘Huis Myle’ ensure that lighting is switched and/or dimmed according to pre-set scenes. Additionally, the underfloor heating, central heating, blinds, and ventilation are all controlled by the TELETASK system. System integrator, Electroservice Lammens, from Sint-Gillis-Waas handled the professional installation, programming, and commissioning of the TELETASK home automation system.

In this way, Huis Myle has become not only a monument from the past but also a smart and comfortable destination for the future. Thanks to TELETASK, this project has become a symbol of timeless innovation and style, with a focus on maximised comfort.

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