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Guesthouse Cabosse combines centuries-old architecture with state-of-the-art home automation

Located just outside the Leien in Antwerp, the exclusive boutique hotel Guesthouse Cabosse offers a luxurious experience for connoisseurs and pleasure-seekers, with four spacious suites and a high-end wine bar, wellness facilities, and afternoon tea. The building dates back to 1864 and has undergone a thorough makeover by its current owners, complete with Belgian home automation, allowing guests to easily control the atmosphere of their suite.

Guesthouse Cabosse opened its doors in 2018 after an eight-year restoration and renovation project. Owners Filip Buelens and Riad Hoxhaxhiku aimed to decorate the rooms and other spaces in a unique neoclassical style with an Asian twist. They traveled around the world in search of the right decorative pieces, resulting in each suite having a different theme with corresponding decor.

Careful consideration was also given to the lighting and temperature control. Filip Buelens explains, 'We preferred to work with a Belgian system. I was already familiar with TELETASK through a friend who is an electrician, so we chose TELETASK solutions.'

Easy to operate with PC, smartphone and touchscreens

In the common areas, the hotel operators and their team can control the home automation system via their PC or smartphone. In the hotel rooms, guests can easily control the lighting and air conditioning themselves using the OPUS control panels, which are seamlessly integrated into the walls. Filip Buelens adds, 'The home automation is subtle and not overpowering in the rooms. The beautiful design of the OPUS touchscreens was the ideal solution for us.'

The right atmosphere for every moment

TELETASK's technology offers the flexibility for hotel operators to make adjustments or expansions as needed. Above all, it effortlessly creates the right ambiance in each space.

Filip Buelens elaborates, 'In the common areas, we have set morning, afternoon, and evening atmospheres, making it even easier to quickly switch to the desired lighting and temperature at any time. It's all very user-friendly to program.'

Modern hotel comfort, made in Belgium

For the installation of the home automation system, the hotel owners collaborated with Elektro Van Der Wildt and AVD Solutions. The partnership went smoothly, and there have been no issues with its use. Filip Buelens remarks, 'Modern comfort is essential in a high-end hotel, but as a small boutique hotel, extensive hotel software was neither interesting nor feasible for us. That's why we are so delighted with TELETASK: it offers us the same level of comfort tailored to our scale. Our guests often react with curiosity and surprise to the ability to set their room's temperature and lighting themselves. I always enjoy telling them that it's a Belgian product.'

A sleek design touch in a classical interior

In the well-thought-out interior of Guesthouse Cabosse, TELETASK home automation occupies a distinct place. Despite the neoclassical interior style, the owners incorporated several original elements in the decoration. As a result, the modern control panels can discreetly blend in without feeling out of place. Filip Buelens explains, 'We don't want our hotel's interior to be outdated. That's why we found it intriguing to contrast the authenticity of the old building with the sleek, contemporary design of TELETASK. It creates a beautiful dynamic, a interplay of old and new, which we greatly appreciate.

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