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Fine dining with individual lighting near Mumbai cricket stadium

In the metropolis of Mumbai, an exclusive restaurant was conceived at the D. Y Patil Cricket Stadium. It is adorned with numerous plants and features around 300 individually dimmable light fixtures.

Located within the D. Y. Patil campus, the restaurant serves as a stylish hospitality space on cricket match days and for events. The impressive venue accommodates over 700 seats and resembles a stylish urban jungle, featuring furniture in organic shapes, an abundance of plants, and a whole swarm of lights like fireflies dotted amidst the greenery. It is a remarkable design by Serie Architects. In this place, you instantly forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Lighting controlled on any device

As lighting sets the ambience of a space, nothing was left to chance here. Above all, Maulik Lunkar, Project Manager from D. Y. Patil, requested an extremely reliable system to control the lighting throughout the restaurant using a PC, laptop, or smartphone. The floor manager needed to be able to individually dim each lamp in order to create the perfect setting for every guest.


The right experts for advice, design and implementation

For advice, design, and implementation of the entire system, several companies and experts were involved: MEP Consultant Clancy Global, Roswil Dlima, Project Head from ACME MEP Services, and Niraj Talwar, Co-Founder at Xpertech Systems LLP, who was responsible for the design.

Akshay D. Babla, Founder of Xpertech Systems: “We recommended TELETASK automation technology as best suited and it is highly robust and reliable, so the customer does not have to fear any malfunctions.”


Integrated air-conditioning

Xpertech installed the different TELETASK lighting automation components for the new restaurant: NANOS central unit, four DALI/DSI/DMX interfaces for the dimmable ligthing system and a TELETASK app license for access to the user-friendly software that allows the floor manager to control the lighting via PC, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, Xpertech has also integrated an air-conditioning unit using a TELETASK interface to make sure it can easily be switched controled by simple command. The solution also offers a backup control with basic manual push buttons which the restaurant team can use if the floor manager is busy.


Customers are impressed

“The client is very impressed with the reliability and the simplicity the system offers”, says Bashyam Kalyanaraman, CEO of TELETASK India. “There has never been a single occasion where the system has not responded or has malfunctioned. Currently 300 lights and an entire air-conditioning system is managed through TELETASK. It only adds to the exclusivity of this hot spot restaurant.”


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