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6 advantages of having motion detectors installed in your home

Motion sensors control both indoor and outdoor lighting based on any human motion they detect. By installing these sensors, you also add extra room comfort as you no longer have to worry about manually controlling your lights. But did you know that motion detectors also increase your overall safety and optimise your energy consumption?

Homeowners and building managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety and well-being of their residents. In this article, you can discover how installing a motion detector, such as the AURUS-2 SENSE and SIRIUS from TELETASK, can help you do just that. You will also read about other important benefits of motion detectors in your smart home.


1. Extra comfort

Did you ever come home in the dark with a trunk packed with groceries? Then you probably know how difficult it is to switch on your lights with your hands full of shopping bags. Or maybe your bicycle is in a dark garage, and you have to search for it by touch? And what about entering a dark dressing room or night hall?

These situations are a thing of the past when you install a motion sensor. The AURUS-2 SENSE and the SIRIUS from TELETASK automatically switch on your lights when they detect even the slightest movement.


2. Energy saving

In addition to greater comfort, motion sensors help you save energy. For example, many people leave their outdoor lighting on all night for practical or safety reasons. Also, some homes or office buildings have night lighting that stays on all night long. And of course, it can always happen that you forget to switch off a light when you leave your home.

Motion detectors ensure that your indoor and outdoor lighting only comes on when needed. This way, you save a lot of energy. And your lights last longer, too!


3. Cost reduction

Because your lights fitted with a motion detector are controlled automatically, you consume less energy. And that, of course, is reflected in your energy bill.

Thanks to the built-in light sensor of the TELETASK motion sensors, they will only activate your connected lighting when it is absolutely necessary. In other words, during the day, the AURUS-2 SENSE will only switch on your lights when needed. Then, after a pre-set time and when nobody is present anymore, the lighting is automatically switched off or dimmed.


4. More safety

Another significant advantage of motion detectors is that they make your home environment much safer for you and your fellow residents or colleagues. Appropriate lighting reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, such as falling, slipping on a wet or icy surface, or bumping into something. In some countries, (outdoor) motion sensors can even protect your family from wild animals that venture too close to your home.

TELETASK motion sensors detect even small movements of people within a range of up to 12 metres. This limits dangerous situations by preventing you from walking in the dark. As a result, the safety and comfort of you and your visitors are in good hands without you having to control the lights manually.


5. Improved security for your building

Motion sensors can also help you with burglary prevention. Burglars or vandals usually target houses where the residents are not at home and where they can strike unnoticed. By installing motion detectors both outside and inside your home, you can ensure that certain lights automatically switch on when someone comes too close to your house. This is an excellent deterrent for criminals, as it immediately puts them in the limelight.


6. Integration with home automation functions

TELETASK’s AURUS-2 SENSE touch panel isn’t just a motion detector. It has two capacitive touch buttons to control other functions like extra lights but also curtains, blinds, doors, gates, heating/cooling, or even audio functions.

If you like, the panel functions can also be managed by remote control thanks to the built-in infrared receiver. You have up to 16 control functions at your disposal, including heating, cooling, curtain control, etc.

As with all AURUS touch panels, the AURUS-2 SENSE also has a built-in temperature sensor to manage the room temperature. You can use this feature for heating and cooling or a combination of both. TELETASK has integration solutions for about any heating/cooling system, including over 1,000 different HVAC brands and types.

Last but not least, there is also a built-in buzzer that gives you the necessary discreet feedback (click) when you press a button. The buzzer can also alert you to predefined functions, such as a doorbell or an alarm. As usual, TELETASK can customise all features according to your needs and wishes.


As you can see, motion detectors offer you a great deal of comfort and security while saving you energy and money and lowering your ecological footprint. Would you like to know more about the AURUS-2 SENSE and the SIRIUS indoor sensors and their extensive possibilities? Contact a TELETASK distributor in your area for more information and advice.

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