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5 advantages of access control systems for your home

TELETASK is introducing an additional version of the existing proximity reader. In addition to the existing grey version - which is also available in a solid glass finish - the card reader now also comes in a glossy black solid glass version as of May 2022. This new version has a black safety glass front with the ever-lasting TELETASK ceramic coating on the back. So this new black version will remain 100% the same - even after decades of outdoor use! There’s no better time to look at the advantages of access control for your home.

The fundamental goal of all proximity access systems is straightforward: with a card or key tag, you can unlock your entrance gate or fence, garage, or any entry door with one swipe. But this function is only a tiny part of the power that hides inside this little unit.

Below, you can find the many applications and advantages TELETASK can offer you.


1. Enhanced security


Standard access control systems which are not part of a complete integrated home automation solution often work via a remote control device. Today, smart electronic locks also allow you to unlock doors with a smartphone app, tag, fingerprint, or pin code.

Although these forms of access control are undoubtedly helpful, they have limited possibilities and are unsuitable for more future-proof integrated homes and buildings.

For example, adding a new user isn’t easy as the person must be physically present. Also, you typically need to be near the reader or installation to deny a user access. Because these functions are not used very often, sometimes users remain in the system, therefore having unwanted access to your home or building. Just think about cleaning staff, handymen, or former employees.

A TELETASK home automation system eliminates this security risk. Parameters for access control are not adjusted at the card reader itself but centrally managed. The homeowner can also remotely modify and add or delete user rights. Be it temporary or permanent.

Would you instead like to leave your access control management to a professional? If you give your system integrator the proper rights, they can remotely add new users or remove existing users from the system. It's easy, convenient, and cost-effective. Your system integrator doesn’t even have to be on-site because they can remotely manage your access control system via a highly secure cloud connection. So you can rest assured: the access rights to your home are easily managed and limited to active users only.

Finally, TELETASK can also ensure that your burglar alarm system is armed once everyone has left your home or office. So you never need to worry about forgetting to turn it on yourself!


2.  Fine-tuning: user-level conditions


As mentioned earlier, TELETASK offers much more than just basic access control. You can also configure additional conditions and restrictions for users. For instance:

  • You can give your cleaning lady access on Tuesdays only.
  • You can allow your gardener or delivery couriers access only to the gate and carport (where they can safely leave packages) but not to your front door.
  • You can ensure that employees cannot enter the building during the weekend and off-duty days.
  • Members of a (golf) club can get access only to the facilities to which they have the necessary rights.

Additionally, your TELETASK system keeps track of when each user enters the home or building. This can be useful for employee control. You can also remotely check whether the cleaning person has already arrived or if the children are already home from school. If your nanny or babysitter has a TELETASK card or tag, you can also check their presence.


3. More privacy


Extra privacy is another advantage of giving access via TELETASK.

In addition to the restrictions you can set per user, you can also define additional conditions. For example, you can configure the system so that the cleaning person can only enter the house when your family members are not at home. If not, they’ll be obligated to ring the doorbell. No more unexpected visitors in the house = 100% privacy guaranteed. 


4. Optimal energy management


Thanks to its integration with other home automation applications, the TELETASK system can also take energy-saving actions. We’ll share some examples below.

  • TELETASK will automatically lower your children’s study or bedroom temperature settings when they leave the house.
  • Sockets and electronics are automatically switched off when the last person has left the building. Appliances still working, such as the dishwasher or dryer, are first given time to finish their job.
  • Suppose you have a digital energy meter and solar panels. In that case, the system can decide whether to start appliances when you have the energy to spare: your dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, or electric water heater (with or without a heat pump). When you come home, your household chores are done. And it has hardly cost you anything! (Check with your TELETASK support contact if a smart meter interface is available for your country.)
  • The TELETASK system can also (temporarily) switch off specific circuits during your absence so that you do not risk an electrical overload and avoid peak loads. As a result, your energy bill will always be under control!



5. Reduced risk of fire and water damage


As mentioned earlier, TELETASK switches off all your sockets and electrical appliances when you leave the house. That is not only economical; it also provides your family and building with extra protection against fire or water damage.

Appliances such as your oven or coffee machine are no longer mains-connected and therefore do not pose any risk when you are not at home. You also don't have to worry about a battery charger you accidentally left in the power socket. In addition, the TELETASK system will cut off your home's water supply when no one is there.

Moreover, you can avoid specific security risks for each individual user. For example, TELETASK ensures that your gardener can only draw water from the outdoor taps for a limited number of hours after their arrival. Afterwards, the system neatly switches off the water supply to these taps, eliminating misuse or water damage.


TELETASK access control: comfortable, safe and energy-efficient


As you can see, TELETASK access control is more than just opening a door, gate, or fence. This function works seamlessly with the other home automation functionalities in your building and can help you in many ways. The best thing is that the TELETASK system has all the necessary intelligence needed without you having to take any action yourself.

According to your preferences, you can link access control to the temperature and lighting in your home. You can even activate your favourite radio station or playlist when you come home. It’s up to you how far you want to go. In this way, we offer you ultimate comfort, safety, energy management, and ... peace of mind.


More information?


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of TELETASK access control? Don’t hesitate to consult a specialist in your area. Contact a distributor in your region for answers to your questions and help in finding a qualified system integrator.

You can also read our Leaflet on access control.