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Remote control

The remote control has eight regular buttons plus shift buttons for ‘Master’ functions.

It automatically adapts its functionalities to the room you are in. For example, if you click a button when you are in the living room, the central light is turned on. If you walk to the dining room and you click the same button, the main lights in the dining room will turn on.

Increase the number of buttons you have in a room by using this mini IR remote control. Even if you have a four button panel, you can control eight custom functions + eight Master functions.
The Master functions are eight functions which are the same from wherever you control them. For example to control outdoor lights from every room. You only need to have an IR receiver in that room. This can be any AURUS touch panel (they all have IR sensor built-in).

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Order Reference TDS12503
Dimensions 35 x 135 x 11 mm
Color Black
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Leaflet Remote Control
Datasheet TDS12501