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Wind speed sensor 45m/s with 4-20mA output

The TDS12287 is a wind speed sensor for residential and professional applications, with a 4-20mA current loop safety signal output.  Wind speeds are measured up to 45m/s (162km/h). Available as a promo pack with a free of charge 30cm mounting bracket for vertical and horizontal mounting.
In case a signal- or power wire is broken or disconnected, the dropped signal can automatically activate TELETASK outputs to make motorized shades, canopies or other go to their safety position. Simultaneously, information messages and beep signals can be generated on the TDS touch screens in any configurable way. If necessary, e-mail and/or SMS messages can be generated consequently.

The message can also be an ‘alarm’ message. In this case, the user is obliged to reset the alarm in order to confirm that he/she has noticed the situation. In combination with a repeating Timed Local Mood function, the alarm message and a number of beeps can be repeated at pre-configured frequency until the alarm is reset on a touch panel or touch screen or any other specific preconfigured button for this alarm. As soon as the signal is back between the 4-20mA current loop level, the wind speed measurement and shade control are operational again depending on whether the motor control is in manual or auto mode.

FYI: Standard wind meters with a Voltage output signal cannot take any safety measures in case of the loss of the signal or sensor error. Thanks to the secure 4-20mA power loop output of the TDS12287 in combination with a suitably configured TELETASK installation, you can prevent damage on outdoor installations at high wind speeds.

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS12287
Power 12V (min 9V)
Output signal 4-20mA (0 to 45m/sec); <4mA is error
Dimensions See data sheet
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Datasheet TDS12287