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Water (leak) sensor

The TELETASK water leak sensor has a contact which can be connected to any TELETASK contact input to integrate a potential water alarm situation with other home automation functions. For example in the laundry room the sensor detects unwanted water coming from the washing machine.

The water sensor is mounted at to the floor level in the area where the monitored devices are installed. In case of a water leak of a tube or a device like the washing machine, the sensor can detect the leak and can automatically switch off the water supply or activate a pomp. It can also send a water alarm message to the displays in the house and activate the buzzer of a touch window or screen. It is also possible to send an e-mail or SMS message in case of alarm.



dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS12280
Dimensions 64 W x 16 H x 14 D (mm)
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Datasheet TDS12280