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Temperature sensor

The TELETASK system uses this or other sensors as input information for room temperature control. The temperature control features are, together with light and curtain/shutter applications, the most basic integrated solutions offered in any TELETASK installation. The TDS12250WH is a white temperature sensor and is to be wall mounted for temperature control applications.

The sensor is to be connected to an analogue input of the system and can be mounted on-wall or in-wall by using the additional TDS12240 kit.

Remark: if you use AURUS touch panels, a room temperature sensor is already built-in (except AURUS-TFT). Only when the AURUS touch panel is influenced by for example direct sun light or air streams from other rooms, this type of sensor can be used for room temperature control applications.
For outdoor temperature measurement, you can use the TDS12251 instead of TDS12250.

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS12250WH
Temperature measure range -40°C > +80°C
Dimensions 55 W x 55 H x 21 D (mm)
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Datasheet TDS12250