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Rain detector-meter

The TELETASK rain detector-meter can be used for rain detection or measurement. It is mainly used to control blinds or skylight windows. Additionally it can be used for indication of rain fall on a touch screen, tablet or PC. Graphs can be generated for real time indication, per hour, per day, per week and per month.

The rain detector-meter can withstand harsh weather conditions and because of its optical principle it is maintenance free.

On top of that, a light sensor is built-in. This allows automatic blind control based both on rainfall and light intensity. Is it getting dark or does it start to rain? The TELETASK system will, if you wish, retract your sun blinds.

9-24V (AC or DC) power is needed and the output is defined by an internal change over (CO) contact. The contact switches immediately when rain is detected.

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS12285
Input 9 – 24 VDC/AC
Output 1 Change-Over contact (Normal Open and Normal Closed contact). Max. load 1A, 24 VDC
Dimensions 70 W x 75 H x 120 D (mm)
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Datasheet TDS12285