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Light sensor

The TDS12270WH is a (white) light sensor and is to be wall/ceiling mounted for al kind of home automation applications connected to light levels such as temperature control, opening and closing curtains or shutters, controlling lights.

When it’s getting dark in the evening, the main hall lights dim up softly to a predefined level during weekend days. Or the garden lights are switched on when the outdoor light level is lower than 20 lux. A motion sensor activates the lights only when then sun is not shining. Even if you only use one light sensor in your project, several functionalities become available due to the received light intensity information. The TDS12270 light sensor can also be used as part of the over-heat protection feature as used in (near) zero energy houses and green building projects.

The sensor is to be connected to an analog sensor input of the system. It can be mounted on- or in-wall by using the additional TDS12240 built-in kit.

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS12270WH
Range twilight 0,1 > 1584 lux
Range general purpose 1 > 15848 lux
Range sun 10 > 99999 lux
Dimensions 55 W x 55 H x 21 D (mm)
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Datasheet TDS12270