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Ceiling Sweep Fan Interface

In hot areas, ceiling sweep fans are often considered essential equipment. More to the North, sweep fans are becoming a new trend. They provide a fresh breeze on warm summer days and give a specific touch to the interior design. Even in an air- conditioned room, the fan distributes the fresh air more efficiently over the entire room and during the winter, warm air is distributed thanks to the same effect.

The interface is equipped with a 100% noise free speed control. Depending on the ceiling sweep fan type, up to 5 speeds are possible. The speed control can be done automatically or by manual control, on a touch panel, touch screen, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc…

The interface is DIN rail compatible.


dots Specifications
Order reference TDS13522
Maximum fan load rating 2x 1,5A
DIN-rail mounting 7,5 modules
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Datasheet TDS13522